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A-Grade Natural Green & Yellow Jadeite Ancient Ruins Pendant/ Display No.172246

A-Grade Natural Green & Yellow Jadeite Ancient Ruins Pendant/ Display No.172246

$880.00 USD



The Magnificent Story of Ancient Ruins

These ancient ruins stand as silent witnesses to a bygone era, carrying with them tales of ancient civilisations, cultural exchanges, and spiritual devotion. These enigmatic remnants are not just archaeological sites; they are windows into the past that provide invaluable insights into the history, art, and religious practices of the regions they once thrived in. This archeological sites delves into the significance, allure, and historical context of these revered ruins that continue to captivate the imagination of modern travellers and scholars alike.

The Buddha Asian ruins are scattered across various countries in Asia, spanning a diverse range of cultures and historical periods. These ruins often bear testament to the spread of Buddhism, a profound religious and philosophical movement that originated in India and eventually journeyed across the continent. The ruins include ancient monasteries, stupas, sculptures, and temple complexes that were once centers of spiritual and cultural activities.

These ruins are often found at the crossroads of ancient trade routes, facilitating the exchange of ideas, art, and culture. These sites demonstrate how diverse cultures interacted and influenced one another, resulting in unique artistic styles and architectural features.

Many of these ruins were once thriving centers of Buddhist practice and study. Monasteries served as places of meditation and education, fostering the spiritual growth of both monks and laypeople. Stupas, towering architectural wonders, held relics of revered figures and served as symbols of enlightenment.

These are testament to the artistic prowess of their creators. Intricately carved sculptures, detailed frescoes, and architectural feats reveal the dedication and skill of the artisans who crafted them, providing a glimpse into the aesthetics of their respective eras.

The inscriptions, murals, and artifacts found at these ruins are invaluable sources of historical information. They shed light on social structures, economic systems, and political dynamics of the past, allowing historians to piece together the puzzle of ancient societies.

The Buddha Asian ruins are not mere relics of the past; they are timeless reminders of the human spirit's quest for meaning, enlightenment, and connection. These ruins encapsulate the rich tapestry of cultures, beliefs, and artistic achievements that have shaped Asia's history. As travellers and scholars continue to explore and study these ruins, they contribute to the ongoing narrative of our shared human heritage, fostering a deeper understanding of the past and its resonance in the present.


Jadeite Specifications

Product No  172246
Weight  27.83g (139.15 cts)
Length  47.7 mm
Width  23.2 mm
Depth  23.2 mm
Shape and Cut  Carving of ancient ruins 
Colour  Green and Yellow
Transparency  Translucent

 Some non-visible stone lines, the stone lines has been integrated into the overall design of the craving, does not affect overall outlook and does not affect the use or wearing. See pictures and video.

 Necklace chain not included. Optional add on necklace chain, choose from our necklace chain collection HERE.

 Hole at the top of pendant exist for the attachment of bail, customised 18k gold bail available at additional charge. Speak with us for bespoke jewellery customisations services. 
Remarks  Item includes gift box, jadeite polishing cloth and certificate of guarantee.

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