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3.15cts A-Grade Natural Imperial Green Jadeite Butterfly No.130404

3.15cts A-Grade Natural Imperial Green Jadeite Butterfly No.130404

$694.00 USD


Butterfly jewellery is a popular choice for those who love to incorporate nature and beauty into their fashion accessories. The butterfly symbolizes transformation and growth, making it a meaningful addition to any jewellery collection.

From delicate butterfly earrings to statement butterfly necklaces, there are countless designs and styles to choose from. One of the most popular styles of butterfly jewellery is the butterfly wing design. This style incorporates the intricate patterns and bright colors of butterfly wings into the jewellery, creating a unique and eye-catching piece.

Butterfly jewellery also makes a great gift for friends and loved ones. Whether it's a pair of butterfly stud earrings for a teenage girl or a butterfly pendant necklace for a nature-loving friend, butterfly jewellery is a timeless and meaningful gift that is sure to be cherished.

Overall, butterfly jewellery offers a beautiful and meaningful way to incorporate nature into our fashion choices. With its stunning designs and symbolic meaning, butterfly jewellery is a must-have for anyone who loves fashion and nature.


Jadeite Specifications

Product No  130404
Weight  0.63g (3.15 cts)
Length  13.3 mm
Width  7.7 mm
Depth  2 mm
Shape and Cut  Carved as a pair of butterfly wings
Colour  Green
Transparency  Highly Translucent (Icy variety)
 Perfect flawless piece.
 Speak with us for bespoke jewellery customisations services.
Remarks  Item includes gift box, jadeite polishing cloth and certificate of guarantee.


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